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Lakesidedigital Custom Built Computer Systems

As computer enthusiasts ourselves, we only want the best quality computer components.

Xtreme Gaming Computers
Your wildest gaming fantasy can become reality in epic proportions. Let us custom build an Xtreme Gaming Machine, the kind legends are made of. Expect to see cutting edge hardware that provides the power for today's graphic intensive games. We use only the highest quality motherboards, fastest hard drives, solid RAM and package it in the sickest cases with a high airflow.

When you are shopping for a custom built computer of any nature, one major concern is making sure the company you are buying from will stand behind their product. We are big enough to give you confidence in purchasing from us, and still small enough to give you individual attention and care about your computer needs. We are computer enthusiasts ourselves, so when we build a computer, we have the drive to do it right!

Value systems
Value PCs are defined as PCs that meet the necessary requirements for a three year life cycle. These pre-built systems are optimized for general home computing needs and are a great choice as a first computer or additional home system. If you are just learning about computers or are looking to replace a computer and currently use it for Internet, email, word processing/productivity, basic 2d/3d gaming and the such these systems are probably right for you. They generally do not offer lots of upgradeability but the benefits are: low cost, mass produced proven stable systems. And ease of serviceability with quick replace parts and preconfigured system restore software. We are proud to offer these systems from several different manufactures with prices ranging from $600-$1100 dollars complete. (Tower-Monitor-Printer-Mouse-Keyboard-Speakers)

Business Workstations
If exceptional application performance for you business critical operations is what you demand, these are the systems you need. Your new PC may be one of the most important purchases you make for your Business. A decision you live with for years to come. Custom configured proven performance and reliability is what sets these machines apart. That's why it comes with a rock-solid warranty. If you need help fixing your DVD drive or if your computer freezes on boot-up, will you have access to professional assistance? Will there be a telephone number connecting you to familiar voice that can help you through your problems? You will if you buy from lakesidedigital.

Refurbished systems
Another great purchasing option is a refurbished computer. Our refurb systems are off-lease high spec systems from large corporations and companies that upgrade their systems every couple of years. Because you are buying a business workstation you are getting a high quality high spec machine you may not be able to afford otherwise. When you buy a lakesidedigital refurb PC, you're buying equipment that has been thoroughly tested, meets our high performance standards and comes with a great warranty. Extended 1-2-3 year warranties are also available for a very low cost. (limited quantities/availability)