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The Ongoing Story of Lakesidedigital

What began in 2002 in a Riverton main street location as a casual partnership, quickly grew when they realized the real need for computer service professionals in small town Manitoba. Even though there were many slow days in the first year, business picked up steadily so there was never a question about the value of the services offered to the community. As the business and client base grew it became evident that owning our own location would be beneficial. In order to realize this goal the next step was for the new lakesidedigital building to be erected at the corner of Broadway and Riverton Ave in Riverton. This was finally a place to call home and establish the foundation of the business and set up a suitable storefront and service area.

Very early in the operation of the business the need for high-speed Internet service became evident. Lakesidedigital did the groundwork, research, and development of a wireless link to connect to broadband service for progressive businesses in Riverton.

The next big step in expansion of the company was the opening of the Gimli store location. The opportunity became available to share adequate space with a compatible service business on Centre Street in Gimli. The Gimli store opened up in April of 2005 and is progressively meeting the needs in the south Interlake area. Currently, lakesidedigital is located in Gimli.

Lakesidedigital. A proper computer shop.

Lakesidedigital is a proper computer shop. What's a proper computer shop you ask??

Well here are some pointers:
  • We service your system on our service bench.
  • We don't wear suits.
  • All of our staff are knowledgable.
  • Our stores are warm and friendly, ready to answer any questions you may have. We will help you chose the system best suited to your needs.